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Data talent for industry

How we can help

We’re working with businesses, the public sector and charities to improve products and services – and develop new ones – with four interlinked areas of activity: skills and talent; data analysis; research partnerships; and consultancy.



Growth plan for industry

Data-Driven Innovation is designed around five challenge areas that together will unlock benefits for the City Region’s citizens, services, and businesses.

We’re aiming to meet a number of ambitious targets by 2030, which include improving digital skills in the workforce and helping organisations across the private, public, and third sectors make better use of data.

Ten sectors

We’re aiming to help organisations across 10 industrial sectors, from fintech and tourism, to healthcare and creative industries. Here’s a snapshot of the potential for each area. Contact one of our sectoral leads to find out more.


Case studies

We have an impressive track record of applying data science expertise to challenges across industrial sectors.